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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 27, 2014, 9:48 AM

Brief Journal to tell you that I am alive and well:

-I wont be going to any cons until next year. 
-I have a lot with my cosplays and such (more details to come)

-This year I wont be celebrating my birth due to the fact that I will be busy with school and getting ready for a convention in January.
-Needs to come up with a gift idea for my friend

-New artwork
-New Con ideas
-I GOT NATASHA (creator of Bee and Puppycat & Female Idea of Adventure Time)  TO SIGN MY CRYSTAL SWORD!!! BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN IN MY LIFE, (PICS TO COME)

-Going to be in summer classes to get the rest of my general classes out of the way.
-Found out that I will be at this dreadful college for one more year... but the good news is that I will be doing all of my AA classes which involve art. Its going to be crazy but at least I will have some of my friends there too

- Everyone I know is going to Italy (pfffft, whatever!)
- For this summer is just going to be me and my transformation process of my extreme workout going to see is I can get into shape by the time summer is over.
- going to ride my bike to school to save money from a parking pass and gas to because the prices are going to be higher... damn!
- Last thing too is to get my life completely in order so that I am prepared for what will happen after my semester at school.

DCP and Pixar:
-I was going to be working for Pixar for the summer but as in life things have to fall through to make sure to get things done
-planning on doing the DCP (disney college program) for 2015 fall, in Orlando hopefully to work in the gallery, (since I have experience with framing and such) 

I am just absolutely happy and being loved. I hope all my peeps here are having a good year and hope they too are going to be having a good summer as well. <3

  • Mood: Satisfied
  • Reading: Hidden Secrets of Disneyland
  • Watching: Attack on Titan
  • Playing: Adventure Time
  • Eating: Bacon
  • Drinking: Coffee



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